The Ivory Coast's Dobet Gnahoré and New Zealand's Mama Mihirangi & the Māreikura

Featured Acts:
Dobet Gnahoré
Māmā Mihirangi & the Māreikura
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Mihirangi on the cover of the
Georgia Straight in 2006 for
an article on the Festival.

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New Zealand’s Māmā Mihirangi & the Māreikura (top) and Dobet Gnahoré from the Ivory Coast (below). Gnahoré opens the Friday evening Main Stage on July 19 and Māmā Mihirangi closes the show.

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Dobet Gnahoré and Māmā Mihirangi & the Māreikura bring global beats to the Main Stage

New Zealand’s Mihirangi Fleming was a little known, tech savvy solo act when she made her first appearance at the Festival in 2006. A few weeks ago she wrote on her Instagram page: “18 years ago! Vancouver Folk Music Festival asked me if I’d do an interview for @georgiastraight.

“I was a nobody, but this front cover catapulted my career. I remember asking the audience ‘Put your hand up if you’ve ever seen looping’. Not a single soul raised their hand. And I’m back! Friday night Main Stage with Māmā Mihirangi & the Māreikura.”

Known as the Queen of Loops, Māmā Mihirangi now performs with the Māreikura, traditional female dancers who Songlines magazine says “present the virtues of feminine power and inspiring cultural identity with the Women’s haka, traditional weaponry and Māori martial arts combined into a contemporary cultural performance that is informative, inclusive and truly inspiring.”

The Ivory Coast’s Dobet Gnahoré is a dynamic force – a colourful and fashionable singer, dancer, musician and songwriter who ranks with African musical divas like Fatoumata Diawara and Angelique Kidjo. Her seventh album Zouzou, coming out June 28, features more of the upbeat Afropop she introduced on 2021’s Couleur. Her new work highlights electronic beats and danceable grooves aimed to get an audience on its feet.

Gnahoré was trained from an early age by her father and master percussionist Boni Gnahoré. Her new album is dedicated to struggling African children and marks the launch of an orphanage project she is launching in her home country.

These two women and their respective bands promise a big opening night at Jericho Beach Park.

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15 June 2024

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Listen to the excellent 40-song Festival sampler curated by the discerning ear of Artistic Director Fiona Black. And while you’re there check out music by Canadian Kevin Breit and Cyro Baptista on Chama and Alberta-born, accordion player Wendy McNeill on Ask Me No Questions.

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