Band's eclectic 11-volume pandemic mixes sound as cool as they do
Khruangbin Vibes Playlists

Houston trio Khruangbin: their name is a play on the the Thai word for airplane. It’s pronounced Krung-bin.


Over the last year the band has issued a series of 11 mixes featuring artists and sounds as cool as they are describes Houston’s Khruangbin like this: “…a jet-setting trio from Texas whose smooth, groove-heavy music is heavily inspired by Thai rock and funk from the 1960s and ’70s, as well as a multitude of other influences ranging from surf rock to dub to Iranian pop”.

The Texas trio launched a fun pandemic project last November releasing the first of 11 (as of last week) YouTube, Spotify, Mixcloud and Sonichits playlist mixes featuring artists with whom they share musical space. The mixes are the work of Belgian West Flanders’ DJ Mol. Guaranteed: if you like the band, you’ll savour this immersion in their chill corner of the sonic universe.

Of the dozens of featured players, a few familiar names include Toronto’s BadBadNotGood, Kevin Morby, Marc Ribot, J.J. Cale, Shuggie Otis, Cass McCombs, Kurt Vile, Tame Impala, Skinshape, Gábor Szabó and Ikebe Shakedown. But there are way more that I’ve never heard of. Discovery is definitely part of the fun in this project.

Apparently, the masses like what they’re hearing. The series has generated millions of views and counts 8,000 YouTube subscribers.

Here’s a few of the hundreds of comments from fans on YouTube:

3 weeks ago Evan Templeton Honestly, how do you do these mixes so fast and find all this amazing stuff? I am a pro dj and spend crazy time on music but man you’re mixes are just fire, thank you

2 weeks ago Mickaël Mtp The opening track is such a gem, I really thought it was Khruangbin. Thanks for the great mix and musical journey, much appreciated.

2 months ago Lemony Snicket What an awesome groove !

Hope you find some worthy songs and new music.

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18 September 2021


Here are the YouTube and Spotify links.

The Tracklists for Vols. 10 and 11 below include links to specific songs. Each of the playlists in the Khruangbin Vibes playlist in YouTube feature linked tracklists in the comments section.

On Spotify: Volumes 1 to 9

Tracklist Vol. 10 on YouTube

Muratedno125khruangbinvolume 10

0:00 Corner – Five and Tens
3:14 Agate – Duppy Tales
5:46 Take my Time – Skinshape
8:34 I Can Only Whisper – Charlotte Day Wilson Ft. BADBADNOTGOOD
11:27 The Good Ones – Widowspeak
15:56 Circe – KATZROAR
19:43 Hey You – Dope Lemon
24:17 Teardrops – NEIL FRANCES
27:23 Grand Street Feast – Gitkin
30:43 My Afro Rock – Or Alper
35:51 Deadlines – Surprise Chef
40:14 Bed With Springs – Butter Bath, Nice Guys
44:06 Egypt – KYANOS
48:24 Someday – Virgil Howe
52:31 Le rêve de kovacks – Supergombo
57:27 The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers – Yin Yin


Tracklist Vol. 11 on YouTube

00:00 KATZROAR – Sirens
04:14 Duppy Tales – High Tide
08:20 Hector Plimmer – Joyfulness ft. Alexa Harley
11:48 Eyeclimber – Doomed
14:35 The Kickdrums – She KIlled Me With Her Eyes
17:20 Idris Ackamoor, the Pyramids – When Will I See You Again
25:10 Orions Belte – 2009
29:39 Astronauts, etc. – Cherry Plum
32:26 El Michels Affair ft. Bobby Oroza – Reasons
35:38 Holy Hive – Hypnosis 39:24 Hether – Oidar
42:51 Karate Boogaloo, Danielle Ponder – Look Around
46:42 Surprise Chef – New Ferrari
50:56 The Meters – Stormy
54:28 Juhan Ongbrian – Sail on
58:23 Santino Surfers – Sun Rise Swell
1:04:38 Taylor McFerrin ft. Marcus Gilmore -Chance to Say My Piece

Volume 10 On YouTube

Volume 11 on YouTube