Featuring Lusaphone music – a fusion of Afro-Portuguese sounds
Readers’ Choice
Part 10
  • Joe Tannenbaum has a look at Lusaphone music – a blend of Afro-Portuguese sounds.
    Artists Cesária Évora, Eneida Marta and Yolanda Chicane are featured

  • Between them John Doherty and Jean Napali showcase nine songs from as many artists. Some are familiar and some aren’t. All of ’em are worth a listen!

The 4th Annual Readers’ Choice

Kurated readers share their favourite music of the last year in the annual Readers’ Choice series. Anything musical is welcomed whether its new, an old favourite, something self-composed and more. Thanks to all the contributors!

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23 January 2022

John Doherty
Toronto, ON

Screen Shot 2022 01 19 At 7.19.40 Pm
Veteran Toronto musician Julian Taylor

Four Song Playlist
Ballad of a Young Troubador by Julian Taylor
Little Boy by Sault
I Am Here (I Am Alive) by Bonny Doon
Redemption Day by Sheryl Crow

A Short Suite

My 4 top 3 Why? Cuz I like them?

About John: I live in Toronto but claim to be from Sudbury and Sault Ste Marie. Spotify says my musical tastes are described as yearning and chill. I say I like music that inspires action thinking or doing…

Jean Napali
Vancouver, BC

Ten Fé is one of five different artists on Jean Napali’s list this year. Allmusic.com says this: “Hailing from London, England, Ten Fé are an English alternative indie pop duo known for their nostalgic, hook-laden synth leads, sorrowful vocals, and atmospheric, ethereal guitar work. Musicians Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan met at a house party in Haringey, London, and instantly established a rapport due to their similar music tastes. The friendship grew and the pair began busking. With a shared penchant for shoegaze and dream pop, the two eventually began working on their own material together.”

A Cool and Easy Five Song Set

5-song Playlist on YouTube
Sing Me To Sleep by Fran Healy (feat. Neko Case) 
The Stars All Seem To Weep by Beth Orton  
Caught On The Inside by Ten Fé  
Empty by Ray Lamontagne 
So Long by Sofie Zelmani 

About Jean Napali: Music is my Muse

Joe Tannenbaum
Vancouver, BC

Screen Shot 2021 12 29 At 1.44.04 Pm
Yolanda Chicane (right), founded the Maputo-based Banda Kakana. She and her band performed with Mozambique’s Wazimbo (left) at the 2018 Vancouver Folk Music Festival.

3-song Playlist on Spotify
Sodade by Cesária Évora
Africa Tabanka Povo by Eneida Marta
Xiluva by Banda Kakana / Yolanda Chicane

Lusaphone Music?

Sometimes I like to set Spotify to the Daily Mix, sit back  and discover new musical genres.  That’s how I came across a few Afro-Portuguese performers in the African playlist that piqued my interest. While the continent has a very rich musical heritage, there are many regional and even local melodies and rhythms creating unique and different styles. Some of these artists sing in Portuguese as well as in their local languages and may quite often mix both in the same song. Centuries of struggle against colonialism are also often embedded into the lyrics and music. 

Listening to some Afro-Portuguese performers, I particularly enjoyed hearing the voices of several women singers and composers. Lusophone music originates in countries like Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and Cape Verde, where the people speak Portuguese or  a Portuguese-influenced dialect. These three women bring their own unique styles, voices and cultural heritage into their music.

  • Cesária Évora (Cape Verde)
  • Eneida Marta (Guinea-Bissau) and 
  • Yolanda Chicane (Mozambique) who founded the Maputo-based Banda Kakana,

Here are some additional resources to further explore Afro-Portuguese music.

Screen Shot 2021 12 29 At 2.08.07 Pm

About Joe: After a career spanning over two decades as a clinical counselor in the Lower Mainland, he’s now retired. Prior to that, he spent many years in the field of international education and was involved in social and economic justice issues. Through his work, Joe was also exposed to – and explored – the music and cultures of various regions of the world. Joe also served on the board of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival.