The theme is rock and roll. Hear a one-off Springsteen and Etheridge duet. Plus New Orleans' band the Revivalists, Nova Scotia's Matt Mays and US-based Grace Potter
Readers’ Choice
Part Three
  • Today’s theme is rock and roll and Deb Rooney uncovers a one-off 1995 performance featuring Melissa Etheridge and Bruce Springsteen duetting on Thunder Road

  • Rock and rolling Harvey McKinnon offers a strong playlist of seven solid tunes by three different artists – veteran New Orleans band The Revivalists, Nova Scotia’s Matt Mays and US-based Grace Potter. Rock on, indeed!

The 4th Annual Readers’ Choice

Kurated readers share their favourite music of the last year in the annual Readers’ Choice series. Anything musical is welcomed whether its new, an old favourite, something self-composed and more. Thanks to all the contributors!

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02 January 2022

Deb Rooney
Vancouver, BC

Screen Shot 2021 12 31 At 2.52.25 Pm
Bruce Springsteen and Melissa Etheridge performing Thunder Road in 1995

My Favourite Duet: Bruce and Melissa!

Oh, yes! My choice for a favourite duet would be Bruce Springsteen and Melissa Etheridge singing Thunder Road together. Just the two of them with their guitars. It was a live performance, never formally recorded. Although they aren’t always perfectly in sync they’re pitch perfect and, somehow, the performance is the better for a bit of roughness.

The backstory I listened to on Sirius (which I hate for their creepy marketing practices, but they do have some intriguing stuff sometimes) went like this:

Etheridge wanted to do a duet with Springsteen and he accepted the invitation. They decided to do Thunder Road and discussed, then rehearsed, who was going to take what part (harmony or melody, high or low) and sing which line. 

Etheridge had recently come out publicly and asked that she get one of the closing lines ‘So Mary, climb in’. She said in the interview that she was so thrilled to be doing this song with him and so engrossed in watching him rehearse his part that she kept forgetting to jump in with the Mary line near the end and they’d have to start over. So in the live performance, when she sings that line, you can see Springsteen smiling because she nailed it and got a big hand at the same time.

About Deb: Deb Rooney is a gleefully retired illustrator who continues to poke fun at the woes of the world through her drawings and cartoons

Harvey McKinnon
Vancouver, BC

Screen Shot 2021 11 26 At 9.26.12 Pm
Nova Scotia rocker Matt Mays

7-song Playlist
plus Matt Mays full concert

These Three Artists

Three artists I spent a lot of time listening to in 2021 are The Revivalists, Matt Mays and Grace Potter.

Screen Shot 2022 01 01 At 2.02.34 Pm
The Revivalists

The Revivalists

Matt Mays
Released in 2021, the album From Burnside With Love (Live)  is fantastic.
Station Out of Range
Tall Trees
Once Upon a Hell of a Tim
e: Full concert on CBC’s Music First (46 mins)

Screen Shot 2022 01 01 At 2.04.14 Pm
Grace Potter

Grace Potter 
I had tickets to see her the night they shut down all shows because of COVID on March 13, 2020.
Back to Me 
The Lion, The Beast, the Beat This one really starts rocking at 1:45

About Harvey: Harvey McKinnon is an activist and fundraising consultant social isolating in Vancouver. He has published five books and loves comedy, theatre and music – especially live.