New song – Partly – previews EP and solo project
Partly by Una Rose
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Cover art for the upcoming six-song collection Myth Between

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Montreal’s Una Rose is releasing her debut solo recording in November. (Taryn Fleishmann photo)


New song, Partly, previews upcoming EP and solo project

I first saw Una Rose perform when she was about eight years-old, doing an impressive song and dance at a campfire talent night with friends and family near Tofino, BC. Now in her mid-20s, the Montreal-based musician and writer has been deftly working her craft ever since.

Her duo Bodywash – formed in 2014 – released debut album, Comforter, in 2019. That recording roams through a rich, spacious synth/guitar/drums sound with ethereal vocals weaving in. Exclaim magazine loved it: “Melding the blurred lines between dream pop and shoegaze, the album is a seamless amalgamation of celestial melodies, balmy textures and ambitious left-turns (see: the title track’s blissed-out IDM). Naturally, it evokes a sense of soothing, much like its suggestive title.”

A year later she scored a mesmerizing three song electronic instrumental soundtrack for the experimental short film Goodnight, Goodnight which won Best Canadian Short and Medium-Length Film at the Montreal International Documentary Festival.

Now, Una Rose – also known as Rosie Long Decter – is set to release her six-song solo debut, Myth Between, in November. Last week she shared a preview single, Partly, which she describes as “a late summer ode to desire on its way out the door.” Her languid vocals are foregrounded in an intricate and subtle easy-on-the-ears mix. The relaxed beats, nuanced guitar and bass lines frame smart lyrics which speak to partly detached acceptance and sure resilience. It’s a promising gem of a song that bodes well for the upcoming release.

Read Una Rose on Bandcamp

Do check out Una Rose’s brief, self-penned piece on the Myth Between project on Bandcamp. These days an artist’s Bandcamp page serves as liner notes and credits. A talented writer and lyricist, her brief essay is worth a read. You can also check out Bodywash and the Goodnight, Goodnight soundtrack on Bandcamp as well.

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03 September 2022

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